Breaking News: Canada drops COVID testing requirement for returning vaccinated travellers

Breaking News: Canada drops COVID testing requirement for returning vaccinated travellers

Effective April 1, 2022 the federal government is dropping the pre-arrival COVID testing requirement for fully vaccinated travellers arriving in Canada. The news follows widely circulated reports yesterday that cited sources close to the issue saying the announcement would come today.

Fully vaccinated travellers may still be randomly tested upon arrival starting April 1, however they no longer need to quarantine while waiting for the results. Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated travellers must still submit negative pre-arrival PCR test results.

Cruise ship passengers will need to show negative results from a rapid antigen test no more than one day prior to their ship’s departure. However they will no longer be required to be tested again before getting off the ship.

All travellers must also continue to use the ArriveCAN app.

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Why book with a travel advisor?

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