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It’s important to me that Pink Palm Travel provides the highest level of service to a limited number of clients. As a result, I charge a professional fee for Pink Palm Travel services ensuring that all clients receive incredible VIP service. You can learn all about what’s included on my Professional Fees page

If you’re thinking of booking a trip, I invite you to complete my client intake form and schedule a time to chat over a phone call or via Zoom. This free 30-minute consultation is an opportunity for me to learn more about you and your travel preferences. I then work on preparing a customized itinerary quote for you.

After you review your personalized quote, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss any questions with me. I will also review the terms and conditions for your purchase before you put down a deposit, as well as any entry requirements for the destination of your choice.

I’ll remind you about your final payment; help plan excursions and special moments; keep you organized and reduce your stress while you prepare for takeoff.

During your trip, I’m only a call or text away to assist with urgent issues. And, when you get home, you can be sure I’ll follow up to make sure your vacation was a great one!

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