True Concierge Service

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True Concierge Service by Pink Palm Travel

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Premium Service Package
$200 per booking

What’s included?

  • Pre-travel consultation and qualification
  • Advice on destination-specific entry requirements, booking terms and conditions
  • Individualized research, planning and bundling of travel products (transportation, accommodations, tours, etc.)
  • Customized quote and personalized recommendations
  • Advice on travel insurance for Ontario residents
  • Coordination of client preferences (e.g. seat selection, baggage pre-purchase)
  • Liaison with suppliers for special requests, accessibility accommodations and customer service issues
  • Flight tracking
  • Assistance and liaison with suppliers for urgent issues during travel

Premium Group Service Package $100 per person

What’s included?

  • Premium services included
  • Special services: Video creation, itinerary booklet design, group landing page website or Facebook group (tour organizer may choose one special service per group contract)

A La Carte Services

  • Airfare only booking: $50 per person
  • Hotel only booking: $50 per person
  • Special services including, but not limited to – custom complex itinerary, video creation, itinerary booklet design: Pricing available upon request

*Fees are in addition to those charged by the supplier.

Fees must be paid after the initial consultation and are non-refundable. An invoice will be provided for fees paid.

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