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Why book with a travel advisor?

1. Convenient one-stop shopping

So much goes into the perfect vacation – accommodations, transportation, transfers, excursions and tours. A travel advisor will handle all of these for you, and more.


2. Expanded possibilities

Travel advisors can suggest enhancements to your getaway that you haven’t even considered. We’re in the business of creating memorable experiences.


3. Save time

Planning a trip is complex and time consuming. Let me handle the calls, research and booking so you don’t have to.


4. Less stress

Feeling overwhelmed with options? Worrying about missing an important detail? With a travel advisor at your service, you can rest easy.


5. Expertise

Travel advisors constantly attend seminars, get new certifications and travel the world themselves! We are true destination experts.


6. Latest info and insider knowledge

Travel advisors are communicating constantly with travel suppliers. We know the latest itineraries, policy changes and more. 


7. Help with documents

Visa, passport, what else? A travel advisor knows. I’ll make sure you have all the necessary documents to travel outside the country.


8. Comparison shopping

I’m always looking to get my clients the most value for their money. I’ll curate options for you, finding you the best experiences along the way.


9. Consumer advocate

If you have an issue during your trip, connect with me. I can act on your behalf to see that proper resolutions are made.


10. Customer service

No travel website is going to offer you all of the above, plus that personal touch and peace of mind that comes with working with a travel advisor who has your best interests at heart.


Connect with with me today to book a consultation about your next luxury vacation.


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