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Terms & Conditions

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  • Can be purchased in any denomination from $100 in Canadian dollars.
  • Are not refundable or redeemable for cash.
  • Have no value until activated.
  • Can only be redeemed for a booking with Pink Palm Travel.

To purchase an eGift Card, you will need to provide certain information, including credit card and related payment and billing information. Pink Palm Travel may request further information to validate the transaction. In the act of providing such information, you warrant that all information provided is both current and accurate.

eGift Cards cannot be used as payment for:

  • Baggage fees, change and cancellation fees, same-day airport changes, seat upgrade fees, and any miscellaneous fees.
  • Group bookings.
  • Pre-purchase menu items and Buy on Board menu items for any airline.
  • Travel insurance.

Other important terms and conditions:

  • eGift Cards purchased have no expiry.
  • Gift Cards are fully transferable.
  • A single eGift Card can be combined with up to one payment card on a booking.
  • For eGift Card redemptions, the full stored value of the eGift Card will be applied to the total eligible amount of your booking; in the event, a residual eGift Card amount is remaining, this amount can be used on subsequent bookings; the original eGift Card number and access code must be retained for re-use.
  • eGift Cards are issued in Canadian dollars however if redeemed in a currency other than Canadian dollars, foreign exchange rates will apply.
  • eGift Cards will not be accepted if the eGift Card number or access code is missing, incorrect, or has been deactivated.
  • eGift Cards are treated like cash; Pink Palm Travel is not responsible for any stored value balance on Gift Cards which are lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.
  • eGift Cards have monetary value and should be protected accordingly.
  • Ownership and risk of loss of eGift Cards are transferred to the recipient of the eGift Card immediately upon completion of processing of the order.
  • Pink Palm Travel is not responsible for lost or stolen eGift Cards or the remaining balances on such eGift Cards.

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