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Want to extend that carefree summer feeling but worried about the current travel landscape?


The travel industry has seen a booking boom this year, with demand quickly outpacing inventory. It’s no secret that these days even a quick getaway requires a fair bit of planning and a lot of patience. The good news? You can travel and have a great time doing it—here are some tips and tricks to help you make your next getaway a breeze.


Check your passport before you book


You’ve likely heard on the news that there are significant delays with passport processing. Even I’ve been affected by this, so I know how stressful it can be!

When planning a trip—before you even start looking at destinations, you should check your passport’s expiry date. This will not only relieve anxiety leading up to your getaway, but you can rest knowing your passport is in a safe place and you’re not searching for it the night before you depart for paradise.

Travel tip: You should always ensure that your passport expires long after your planned return date—ideally, no shorter than six months of your planned travel.


Pack light like a pro with a carry-on


Save on checked baggage fees, skip the baggage carousel line and no stress about lost luggage!

I’ve challenged myself to pack only carry-on for all trips since travel picked up again. Packing light will save you time in the airport (just think—no baggage drop-off or pick-up!) and give you peace of mind, knowing you have everything physically with you.

Travel tip: Wear your bulkiest clothing on the flight (running shoes, a light sweater, etc.) and pack a solid-coloured clothing capsule to make the most of your wardrobe in destination.


Use an airport fast-track service


Save time and feel like a VIP with airport fast-track services. For example, if you’re heading to Jamaica, consider a service like Club Mobay. With their arrival and departure service bundle at a price point of about $100 per person, you can be personally escorted through private lines at security and customs and end up in an exclusive lounge sipping on a rum punch before you know it.

I’ll be honest—before using Club Mobay, I wasn’t sold on it…and then I tried it. I loved bypassing the massive line at immigration upon arrival, and I appreciated being able to make the most of every moment before returning to Canada in their all-inclusive departure lounge, complete with Red Stripe and beef patties.

Travel tip: Book this service early—it often sells out months in advance.


Pre-arrange private transportation from the airport


Another great way to save some time and get to your destination faster? Booking private transportation to and from your accommodations. While many travel operators will include transfers as part of your package, the thought of being crammed on a bus full of people is not always appealing. By booking a private transfer, you can say buh-bye! to waiting around and get to your resort faster—and often beat the rush at the check-in desk.

Travel tip: The best way to find reputable private transportation is through referrals—ask family, friends or a travel advisor.


Use tech to your advantage


While it’s great to disconnect from our smartphones, they provide some valuable tools while travelling. Aside from staying connected to our family and friends back home, it’s helpful to store boarding passes in our Apple Wallets or check-in online via the resort app we just downloaded.

You don’t have to let technology interrupt your need for downtime—use it to make the most of your plans.

Travel tip: Before you leave for your vacation, download your airline and resort app and, of course, the ArriveCAN app.


Give yourself extra time—and patience


There’s no doubt that we see more delays and cancellations than ever. That’s why planning and building buffer time into your schedule is essential.

For example—when clients are heading out on a cruise, I always advise them to fly out earlier than needed—an extra day or two can be a trip-saver when it comes to flight delays. And, if you’re relying on connecting flights, schedule longer transition times—a couple of hours at least.

Travel tip: Where possible, you should book the first scheduled flight in the morning.


Protect your trip


Travel is an investment. It’s always wise to purchase trip insurance if you have a lot of money invested in your getaway.

In addition to trip cancellation and interruption, most travel insurance plans include coverage for trip delay, missed connection, lost or delayed baggage, medical expenses, and more. Not only that, but 24-hour assistance services can be included to help the traveller with emergency medical assistance, lost baggage tracking, emergency cash transfer, emergency or last-minute travel arrangements, and assistance with replacing lost travel documents.

Travel tip: If you’re a frequent traveller, consider multi-trip insurance plans for the best value.


Now…go plan that getaway


Travel is still very much a go—with the proper planning, you can enjoy your getaway (and start planning your next one!). Connect with Pink Palm Travel for a free consultation about your next trip.

Bon voyage!


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